Saturday morning in Fredericton.  Time to go to the Boyce Farmers Market, and enjoy the fruits of the soil.

Not all of it is local soil, of course - the fresh-squeezed orange juice is a joy.  I also get a buffalo sausage.  According to the people that grow and sell the buffalo, the meat is low in cholesterol, low in fat, and will make the consoumer of it  into a colossus that will bestride the earth.  O.K., they (or I) may be exaggerating.  I know I like them.

  It's a nice walk, down to the market and back. The weather is hotter and stickier than before, with low cloud moving in and out. I do appreciate some more buildings. 

In the afternoon, I visit my younger sister and family, and then go to Keswick for a barbeque at the home of another university friend.  Hours of "Do you remember..." ensue.  I do get to tour the livestock - she and her husband have about half a million bees in their apiary. We eat cow exposed to fire, and watch the stars come out.  And the mosquitoes.

I take my leave, and come back home cautiously in the dark - blacktop roads with no stripes are very exciting.  

Another good day - only 65k, but lots of fun.  And again, no cheating of death.