Ah, a sunny Sunday. A little hotter and muggier than it has been so far, but for someone who lived through July in Toronto, it's still quite comfortable. I spend the morning putting up Friday's and Saturday's pages.

At yesterday's barbeque, I neglected to put on any sort of sun screen, and have paid the price. So, for today, with the entire Jones clan converging for a feed of cow over fire, I prepare better.  The stupid thing was, the sunscreen was in the tank bag, and as I sat reminiscing in the sun, we were looking at the bike the whole time.

    We have a raucous afternoon in the sun, with much laughter and taunting of brothers, sisters,  nieces and nephews. I know I'm not filling out many details, but it's really mostly family stuff, and not at all interesting to most outsiders. 

My favorite response to inquiries about how I spend time is "It was exciting for me, but not to others". 

So, a big family day, no bike movement at all, and the only cheating of death was that I have eaten (very delicious) steak two days in a row.

Tomorrow I'm off to stay with my brother and his wife in Quispamsis, just outside of Saint John.