Another sunny day.  It's warmer again, but I'm headed to Saint John, which is on the coast of the Bay of Fundy, and it'll be cooler.

I get all my stuff packed onto the bike, and head down Hwy. 7.  This is a very familiar piece of road - I've had relatives in Fredericton and Saint John all my life, and I have no clue how often I've been along here.

The road has been much improved since last time - but I can't complain about a lack of scenery since there never was any.  This road goes through CFB Gagetown - the largest land base in the commonwealth.  I have seen deer, moose and Leopard I tanks cross the road in front of me, in the past.

The road is smooth-surfaced, there's very  little traffic, and although some of the kinks have been removed, the roads' character is unchanged. Most roads in the Maritime provinces look like they were made the same way  - "put down a rabbit, and chase it with a bulldozer".

After an enjoyable hour-long drive, I arrive at my brother's house.  We have a day of house-related chores, taunting the cats, and enjoying the cool sea breezes. Tomorrow, more of the same, and I will continue to visit and photograph places I have lived.  The weather is again supposed to be nice

I've just realized,  I haven't commented on the Kawasaki saddlebag liners.  They are the cat's frikin' pajamas. When I picked them up (at Cycle World West in Toronto -Hi, Jay!) they were just two small Codura bags, and I wasn't sure I'd gotten my money's worth. But - they are excellent in use. The bags are not expandable, and when they are stuffed, you can be assured that they will fit exactly into the front part of the saddlebag, leaving the part after the cutouts for the turn signals for other things.  At the destination, just grab the liners by the built-in straps, and you're unloaded.  I give them 2 thumbs up.