Up and on the road at 7:15.  It's sunny, but nice and cool.  The sun on my back is actually pleasant.   When I get to New Glasgow, the sky is covered with very low cloud - or very high fog.  I stop for gas outside Truro, where the very sprightly attendant considers the fog will burn off very soon.  Based on that, I stay on Rt. 105 through the new, toll, section, hoping to get some pictures from the top of the pass.  In vain.  The whole of the trip is in the fog.

  Through Amherst and into Sackville - I'm now back in New Brunswick.  Here on the flats of the Tantramar Marsh the wind can, in bad weather, blow transport trucks over. It's not quite that bad today, but I have to slow down, tuck in, and hug the middle of the lane. I get blown from side-to-side in the lane, but am not in serious danger.  I stop outside Sackville to get this shot - if you've ever picked up CBC on short-wave (Radio Canada International), this is one of 10 or 12 elements that broadcast around the world.

  Into Moncton, I go through downtown, then across Salisbury road, to get a picture of the old house trailer in White Frost Village.  I drink some lemonade, then head for the Trans-Canada.  It is quite relaxing to drive the old road for 20 minutes or so to the new highway.  Then it's off through the trackless wilderness, in an almost straight line for Fredericton. The temperature is warm, but the air has the right level of moisture to make the breeze feel cool.

  After 100Km on the highway, I get bored and turn off at Jemseg, to take the old highway back to Fredericton.  I stop at the first Irving for gas and a drink, then continue along the river.  Notice the difference between moose and deer. All the "Deer Crossing" signs I've seen show the deer leaping gazelle-like across the highway.  The moose is just ambling along, and you have to pay attention. 

There are droplets falling as I reach Fredericton.  I spend the afternoon helping my dad with various computer issues.  (Do I hate Microsoft XP?  You bet!)  I solve almost all issues, and get to work on my page.  Tomorrow will be the start of my country weekend.  That will be fun.

Also, I can hook up to my dad's new home net, and get high-speed access.  All maps and pictures will be updated before you read this.

Today's numbers:  Cheating of death 1/2. Just the wind effects. Today's trip 461Km, 3200 total.

I realize I hadn't mentioned yesterday that in my opinion, every motorcyclist in the world should travel the Cabot Trail at least once. And then again, to do some of the hiking.  And then again, as a camping trip. It's a wonderful, beautiful road.  Except for the rough patches, of course. And every one else should too, no matter what vehicle they have. I only wish I'd listened to this advice sooner, myself.