Saturday morning.  I get up to find it very muggy . My plan to visit the market is rescinded.  I pack some stuff on the bike, leaving some belongings to keep my place in Fredericton (see George Carlin- "On Travel").

I head upriver on the south side, the old Trans-Canada, stopping only to buy cheesecake.  Anyone bringing cheesecake is usually welcome, in my experience. The road is as twisty as I remember, and in good repair.  And there is almost no traffic.  That's what I like in a driving experience.

  I cross the river at Mactaquac Dam.  I remember coming up here when it being built, and my father telling me that the dump trucks delivering fill had their doors removed so that if the truck went over the edge, the driver could more easily jump or swim free.

  I notice that the bike has tripped over to 25000 km. That's a lot for some bikes.  All is well with this one, and I'll take it in for it's checkup on my return.

I  head to Stonehaven, from the upstream side this time. Last Saturday it was from the downstream side.  This side has much better surfaced roads. 

I spend the afternoon in a lawn chair, in the breeze, in the shade of a maple. Ahh. As night falls, and the breeze cools, we walk Shiba the Shiba Inu <editors note: a dog> through the fields of silage.

It's very restorative here, and we watch the stars coming out, in the moon-cast shadow of the maple.  The fireflies blink, the leaves rustle, and no deer or bear disturb our evening.