A lovely sleep in the country, in the wonderful cool breeze. After a morning constitutional and a delightful pancake breakfast, it's time to give my stunningly wonderful hostess, Beckie, a long-promised ride on the motorbike.

We head off to the Mactaquac head-pond park. The weather is perfect, warm, with high, wispy clouds, and it's a delight to drive.

The park has an unique feature - this "totem pole". Donated by a Fredericton lumberyard, the pole celebrates the history of logging in New Brunswick. I was told I had to see this monstrosity, as it was "the ugliest totem pole in creation".  And boy, I ain't disagreeing. Some of the items include the famous Dungarvon Whooper, pork barrel politics, and a copy of the bowsprit from an 18th century ship called The Queen Of Hearts. According to legend, the Queen had one sailor die on every voyage, and on her last voyage, in her twentieth year, she was lost with all hands. Spooky Music starts. Except the cook, who was on every trip, and was the sole survivor. O.K., stop the spooky music.

We sit in the shade and watch the people trying to sail, their sailboat, with not a breath of wind.  Personal watercraft and bass boats abound.  We point and jeer at a sailboat, its sails furled, running on its outboard. Then a breeze comes up, and everyone's happy. 

We head down Rt. 105, and stop for ice cream.  It's a lazy summer afternoon.  The cooling breeze is still with us, the clouds are high and fluffy, and all is well.  

Leaving the patio, we head to Burts Corner (I've been to N.S. and B.C.!).  Another fairly well maintained country road, paralleling the Keswick river.  It's odd, but there are at least four churches in this tiny community.  Beckie guides me back to Stonehaven, via roads that aren't on my map.  My goal of driving roads unknown to me continues to be realized.

More bits of cow are applied to fire, and as the sun sets, and the half-moon rises, about all that can be heard is the cricket's chirp, the snuffling of a deer in the apple orchard, and the rustle of the maple leaves in the cool night wind. It is well with my soul.