Another excellent sleep, although the teasing thunderstorms never appeared.  The voices of the early risers in the Blueberry U-Pick rouse me, and the voice of Beckie calling Shiba for walkies gets me out of bed.  As does the aroma of coffee.

Shiba insists we go north on this trip - every walk with the dog he has insisted on a different route.  He's no dummy.  I get a rundown on each house we pass, who lives there, whom they're related to, where they work and who the pets are.

It's nice to see that some of the new houses going into the area are designed to fit in with the look of existing farmhouses.  That should help keep the character of the place intact.

We return through the apple orchard to Stonehaven, and collapse under the maple in the shade. That's hard work, walking an old dog. You have to go slow.

I finally pack up and take my leave. My hosts have been gracious and accommodating, and since I didn't have to do any of the actual farm work, it has been a serene and relaxing visit.  No TV, no loud music, just sitting out watching nature.  It's been a big change for a city boy.  I'd love to return soon. And, since I brought cheesecake, I believe I'd be accepted.

Back down 102 to Fredericton.  A little more traffic on this weekday, but not horrible. I do some computer maintenance stuff I'd promised my dad, and schedule visits for those in the city.  The weather is slightly cooler, and the forecast has rain.  I think I'll stay here for a few days.