Woke up to a small rain shower this morning.  First I've seen for two weeks.

Wrote out some postcards for the folks back home (an elite few), and walked downtown to mail them.  I got my glasses fixed.

On the return trip, I decided to investigate a thing I had heard from a couple of people - that the SuperStore had sushi.  I got some salmon sushi, a California roll, and a spicy salmon roll to try.  It wasn't bad at all. And my folks loved it.  I explained what each piece had in it, and they gave it all a try.  Both mom and dad went a little heavy on the wasabi at first, but soon adjusted.

I spent the afternoon with my younger sister's family, entertaining the nieces and nephew.  And patting the cat, the dog and the bunny. I think of it as Extreme Allergy Testing.

A traditional dinner of corn, baked potatoes and crunch-top meat loaf awaits, and I'm out in the evening visiting old friends.  The computer with it's slide show of all photos so far makes me as welcome as anyone with lots of slides.