Sunny and cool morning. I go down to the old railroad bridge, and get some shots of the city. The entire rail system in Fredericton and vicinity has been torn up, and the roadbed replaced with hiking and biking paths.  The bridges have been turned into pedestrian walkways as well.


From the bridge, I head upriver into the downtown core. Queen St., the closest to the river, has been turned into an historical and arts walk.  There's your poet Bobbie Burns, the Art Gallery, the Legislature Building, the Playhouse, and Officers Square, with it's recreation of the 18th Century garrison life.  Some of  the restored buildings have arts and crafts creators and sellers ensconced within. I enjoy watching the student soldiers marching during the changing of the guard. So do some professional soldiers watching beside me.  They have many muttered comments during the close-order drill.  

I head off for lunch - one of a few last times for maritime fish and chips.  When I return from lunch, I get a call to sit in the apple orchard in Keswick Ridge for probably the last time this trip.  Of course, I go. 

Supper, since it's blessedly cool, is the full on ham dinner with new baked potatoes.

I spend the evening getting a spare motorcycle helmet for giving rides tomorrow, and the processing of today's pictures.  All that walking around (O.K.  And sitting around) has me ready for bed.

Cheating Death: 2 and 1/2.  There's a lot of people in this burg who don't stop for stop signs.  Don't make me kill you, please. The 1/2 is that as I headed off to Keswick Ridge, I heard an insect buzzing in my helmet. I removed the helmet - no visible bugs.  Put the helmet back on - buzzing.  Another check, still nothing. So off I go.  About 2 minutes down the road, I feel something moving on my skull. I pull over as soon as I can, and get the helmet off as fast as possible. I run my fingers through my hair - nothing.  I look in the helmet, and rising out of it is a huge black wasp, as big as the first joint of my thumb.  The stinger looks like it could have penetrated my skull.  I watch it fly away with relief.  Yowza.