That was not a day where I took advantage of opportunities. I have caught up with my journal writing, laundry and luggage maintenance tasks. 

The day dawned cloudy, and the clouds lowered all day. I kept a close eye on the Weather Channel.  According to forecasts, it would rain Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, and then have a clear band.  With this in mind, I am planning on staying put in Fredericton until Sunday or Monday, whenever the rain clears out, traveling to Saint John, and then leaving on the last trip leg the next morning.  

I was to meet a friend in the evening, and I had had the family working hard to obtain a motorbike helmet so I could give her the promised bike ride.  It started to rain at about 4:30, and didn't let up until after midnight. So I had a nice visit and chat, but no riding.

Re: the heat in Cape Breton.  First, thanks to all who expressed concern in e-mail and in person. I feel fully recovered, and promise not to go out without a jacket again, no matter what the circumstances.  And to drink more.  But the real reason for the problem is that the days I was in Nova Scotia, going around the Cabot Trail, were the hottest recorded in the history of the province.  No wonder I was hot. That has since changed, the days and nights are much more seasonal.