Up late. Sun's out after last night's rain.  I laze about and return the motorcycle helmet I'd borrowed for Thursday's abortive ride.

I do some e-mail, and get dad's network printer working from the laptop.  There is more cursing of Microsoft Windows XP.

E-mail suggests that I might make one last pilgrimage to Stonehaven, and entertain newly arrived guests who are headed to the Cabot Trail later this week, with my own experiences.  Since the weather is cooler, and they have a "Great Big Honkin' Mother Of An SUV" (tm somebody earlier this week) which has an air conditioner "big enough to freeze a buffalo" (tm me), they should have no problems.

Since it was cooling off when I left Fredericton, I wore, for the first time on this trip, a long sleeved shirt. I figured it might be coolish under the maple.  How right I was.  Once the sun went down, the temperature plummeted to a teeth-chattering 8oC.  I noted that the smokers took less time outdoors with each smoke.  It was a cool trip home, lit by the preternaturally bright full moon.  I went back via the south side of the river - better markings on the road, and more lights.  Crossing the dam, I was enveloped in fog, the moon making it like back-lit cotton candy.  Always remember, no high beams in fog.  After an extremely cold half-hour, I was home, and wrapped up in bed.