Philosophically, I want to travel on a bunch of roads I've never seen, and to stop whenever I want.

My thought today (August 5/2002) is to take Route 2 from Toronto to Montreal, head south-east to Sherbrooke, then north to Quebec City via Thetford Mines.  From Quebec City, follow the St Lawrence river to Rivier-du-Loup, and then take route 120 south to the Madawaska river and Edmundston, New Brunswick. From here, Rt. 2 again to Woodstock, and then Fredericton, then Rt. 7 to St. John, dropping in on family members to sponge food and lodging.

From St. John, cross via ferry to Digby, Nova Scotia, and then head via Rt. 1 to Halifax.  North from Halifax on the Atlantic coast to another Sherbrooke, and then drive around the Cabot Trail. Head via Amherst to Moncton, N.B., back to Fredericton (more sponging), and then west to state of Maine.  The goal is to take U.S. Rt. 2 via Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.  From there, west into New York State through the Adirondacks, and back into Canada.  And then home, on 2.

Planned Route