One can never have too many toys, gadgets and gear.  Here's some of the things I will be packing to New Zealand.

Geek Gear
First off, in order to maintain these pages, and take the pictures I'll be posting, I'm taking a a Sony Picturebook. It's a tiny (1.14" X 9.8" X 6.0") notebook, powered by a 400Mhz Pentium II,  running a full Win98SE (not CE!), with a digital camera in the cover!  I borrowed it from a friend at work.
For music, I'll be taking a Hango MP3 Personal Jukebox. Inside is a 4.86GB hard drive, packed with about 85 CDs so far, and it's not full yet!  In addition to the hard disk, the unit had 12 MB of RAM to buffer tracks so they don't skip.  This also saves power by letting the hard disk power down during song play.  It's way cool.
Those who know me know I never go anywhere without my original Palm Pilot Personal, in it's nifty Levenger leather case..  It's been upgraded with the 1M Professional upgrade kit.  I've had it for about 3(?) years now.  I need all those addresses, so I can send those postcards! 
For all those Matrix-like situations I may run into that require me to find the nearest phone booth to connect back to civilization, I'm packing a Konnex Acoustic Koupler by Unlimited Systems.  This device will ensure I can get connected back here anywhere there is a phone, including phone booths.
To carry all this gear, I'll be packing it all into a Darwin backpack by Willow Design.  I was unsure about needing this when it was first offered to me, but have since found it is much larger on the inside than it is on the outside.  It has a large padded section closest to the back for storing breakable gear, and a regular compartment on the front for other stuff.  There are plenty of pockets and compartments all through it to tuck everything away securely.

Bike Gear
My upper body will be protected by a Gore-Tex Jacket by Teknic.  We ride rain or shine every day.  My lower body will be covered by Ballistic Nylon pants by Joe Rocket. (No, that's not me.)
Hands and feet are covered with gloves by First Gear, and boots by Alpinestar.


Lastly, my melon will be protected with a helmet by Shoei (the only one that's long enough to cover my chin). 

All bike gear I bought from the fine people at Cycle World West in Toronto.  


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