Here's my house, after the painting, renovations and moving.

Click on image for enlargment.

Master Bed Room.  Whoo-hoo! Master Bed room. Soon the pink blinds will be gone (honest!).
Dining room with accessories. Dining room, with new table and chairs. And accessories on the table! Martha Stewarts got nothing on me!
Hand-laid, one-inch-thick red oak! Hardwood floor and moulding detail. The floor is hand-laid, one-inch thick red oak. It's lovely.
Here be dragons! Kitchen bay window, with stained-glass dragon. My parents got me this one Christmas, from an artisan in Fredericton, N.B.
Deep Red! Upstairs bathroom. Now that looks nice!
Wreck room indeed! Downstairs Rec room. Looks lived in already, don't it?