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April 2003 - Here's some miniatures from last year, where I was actually guiding the work of others.  On the left, we have the "Tower Of Evil", made up of a Games Workshop/BattleMasters tower, two standard lead GW bad guys in front (they're really old), and a "Lord Of The Rings" pewter RingWraith in the back. The minotaur on the right is an old, lead GW guy.  He is at the base of the tower.

Tower Of Evil Minotaur

And, finally completed, the DML/Dragon "Maus".  The Maus was a WWII German tank.  Only a very few (like two) were completed, and most historians agree that they never saw combat.  The tank weighed about 188 tons, and was too heavy and underpowered.  In the far right picture, you see it next to a Sherman, as you've seen outside many Allied army bases.

"Maus" means "Mouse" Victim's-eye View Shermie and Mausie


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