Model of the Month!

November 2002 - Starcraft Zerg Hydralisk. This is a kit from Academy, released only in Korea and Europe.  It has been very hard to find in Canada. It is fully licensed by Blizzard.  It is 1/30 scale, and bigger than the Terran Marine. It is a good representation of the subject, and is simple to build.  The jaws move, and the arms, body and carapace are poseable.  It's got a nicely organic look, with gooey bits. On the downside, the model is a styrene central structure, with a vinyl-like outer surface.  Just touching the thing can make the paint flake off.  I should probably have used an oil-based primer, and oil-based paints, as they're a little more flexible when dry.  On the other hand, I'm not playing with it... so.

And - the promised Protoss Zealot is reported to be in a Customs Warehouse in Toronto right now - I just have to wait.  Update Nov 9th:  No Zealot.  It turns out to be a big lie an honest mistake  Someday, I hope.  And a Terran Medic is also promised.

Rarh! I'm a Monsta! Scary! Look out! A Monster!


With the Protoss on hold, I did some work on BanDai Giant Robots.  This is from the show Patlabor. In the gritty, urban Japanese-animated future, where giant robots (called "Labors") are common construction vehicles, what would the police use to stop such a thing?  Why, a giant police robot, of course!  This is the Ingram Mk 2. It is quite a large scale model (about 9 inches high), and the shoulder lights flash!  He has police accessories, such as a nightstick and revolver.  And the extendo-arm to get the revolver out of his "ankle" holster.



And, from the Gundam Universe - Shining Gundam from ... well, I'm not sure which series.  Anyhow, it represents the latest technology in molding plastic kits, as one sprue had parts with 3 different colours in it.  It is an "action figure" as well - it's sturdy enough to be posed and played with.



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