Tying Up the Loose Ends.

I got home, and was surprised to find that the neighbours across the street are still working on their pool.  Every morning at 7:00 a.m. dump trucks and backhoes are operating outside my bedroom window.  I do hate them.  The street in front of my house is full of black pick-ups - it looks like a cowboy funeral - and besides the construction equipment, there are now children, running in circles and shrieking, outside my window.  I really miss the farm. 

The Numbers Game - August 27th Odometer 26867, Trip 5070. For anyone who's better with the old system, about 3170 miles. I averaged about 600Km (375Mi) per full driving day. Oh, and for the people who read every day, the Sleeve Lottery scored zero bugs.

On the Thursday, August 15th, page there is a picture of Mount Smokey. On Friday, August 23rd, you may recall my mentioning people who were taking their own trip around the Cabot Trail in the "Great Big Honkin' Mother Of An SUV".  I asked if they might get a shot of a sign I missed.  On the approach to Smokey (I was calling it "Mt.", but I guess that's not necessary) I came upon this sign on the right.  It was at the apex of a shady, tree-lined corner, and I only got an impression of the data.  Six lines is just too darn many for a sign in such a position.  So, selflessly, Mark and 'Becca obtained the picture for me. Actually, according to 'Becca's e-mail, she did all the work, except for the actual taking of the picture, which Mark accomplished.  Thanks, guys! 

In many ways, the second-last day, Monday August 26th, was the best driving day. The road (Rt. 2) was well maintained, had lot's of curves as it followed various river valleys, didn't have too much traffic (except for Mr. Airstream Guy).  Rt. 2 was also I road I had never been on.  Every other part of the trip was a place I've lived or visited (except for the Cabot Trail, which would have been better if it hadn't been so gosh-darned hot), so for every other road I had a schedule in my head - a little table of time and distance based on many, many road trips.  And, since many of those trips were made to get somewhere as fast as possible, some days I felt like I had to go faster at all times.  This was the only day that I never felt behind schedule.

I'd like to take a moment to complement the fine people at Kawasaki Motors who made my motorcycle. It ran so very well - most days 6-8 hours with nary a complaint. The saddlebag liners - also from Kawasaki - were also perfect.  The tank bag and trunk bag kept the inside in and the outside out.  I can see a possibility for some problems with the tank bag in the rain, but not big ones.

I am delighted to have done this trip by myself, with no real plan.  I have met many of my philosophical objectives.  

Some tips - Remember to apply sunscreen; If you're sitting in a line of traffic where it's very hot, then when everybody takes off, there'll be little puddles of water from the air-conditioner condensation; Wear your jacket; Drink water.

And remember - "Let's see what this baby can do!"