2002 Summer Trip Index


This is a trip I had been contemplating from some time.  After touring New Zealand in 2000, I have been wondering how to do another trip, by myself.  On the NZ trip, I have seen that I can do 400-600km per day, without being tired out. I have done the trip from Toronto to Fredericton, 1400km one way, in one day both by motorcycle and car. Always on main highways, never stopping for anything but to fill the vehicle's fluids, or empty ours. And that was not real fun or relaxing.

So, for this trip, I'm planning on staying off of main roads, doing no more than 600km per day, doing all driving in daylight.  I will stop often for pictures and Cokes tm

You can check the planned and actual route below.  

As I am currently "between assignments", I have no particular schedule to meet, and I can take my time.

Wednesday, August 7th - Leaving Toronto towards Montreal.

Thursday, August 8th - Leaving Montreal towards Woodstock, N.B.

Friday, August 9th - Woodstock to Fredericton.

Saturday, August 10th - Fredericton.

Sunday, August 11th - Fredericton.

Monday August 12th - Fredericton to Quispamsis.

Tuesday, August 13th - Quispamsis.

Wednesday, August 14th - Quispamsis to Port Hawksbury, Nova Scotia.

Thursday, August 15th - Cabot Trail.

Friday, August 16th - Antigonish to Fredericton.

Saturday, August 17th - Fredericton to Stonehaven.

Sunday, August 18th - Stonehaven.

Monday, August 19th - Stonehaven to Fredericton.

Tuesday, August 20th - lazing about in Fredericton.

Wednesday, August 21st - more lazing about in Fredericton.

Thursday, August 22nd - Hiding from rain in Fredericton.

Friday, August 23rd - Slothful in Fredericton.

Saturday, August 24th - Fredericton to Quispamsis.

Sunday, August 25th - Quispamsis to Bangor, Maine.

Monday, August 26th - Bangor, Maine to Cornwall, Ontario.

Tuesday, August 27th - Cornwall to Toronto.

Sunday, Sept 8th - Loose Ends.


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